Following the accident, after many months in the Rehabilitation Unit we were told the Doctors were looking at discharging my husband.

What initially was excitement soon turned into a terrifying prospect for me. I love my husband, but I knew I would not be able to look after him at home. I just couldn’t do it.He needed help with every aspect of his daily living. Our house did not have room for the hoist, a special bed, the bathroom was not big enough or set up for showers, or special toilet seats, hoists and the doorways were too narrow for his wheel chair. 

My husband had been a very strong, independent capable man prior to his acquired brain injury and now he had to rely on others for every aspect of his daily living.He hated being in hospital and depending on others and he hated the rehabilitation ward.

We were told that Headway ABI may be able to help us. I was really worried when it was time to meet the lady who was coming to visit from Headway ABI as his frustrations meant that he could lash out in anger towards others.

She put me at ease immediately, letting me know that this was not uncommon, given the situation. When I met her, I felt a huge relief.

Headway ABI worked through many aspects of my husband’s care needs in preparing and making a smooth transition into the Headway ABI transitional house. 

We worked with Headway ABI for almost 2 years exactly, as my husband recovered to a level where he was able to return to the family home which had now been modified and extended to meet his care needs. 

Headway continue to support us in our home to access appointments for therapy and activities which is great. My husband’s confidence has returned and he enjoys spending time with his support team.

We will be forever grateful for the care and support Headway ABI provided for my husband and my family, making us very welcome visitors in the home to normalise life as best we can and for their professionalism.

Thank you Headway ABI.