Individual Living Options (ILO).

Individual Living Options (ILO) are new support options which can be included in an NDIS Plan. This model supports NDIS participants to explore and design living arrangements specific to their needs. ILO packages may cover support needs in a range of living environments and is understood to be more flexible than some of the other NDIS-funded supports such as SIL. For example, live-in support by a support worker may be included.

If you want to rent a property on your own or with friends, ILO might work for you.


Difference between ILO and SIL

How does ILO differ from SIL?

– ILO is designed around a client, one client at a time

-There are many types of ILO, with combinations of options possible – this allows many different clients’ needs to be met

– SIL is funding to live in a group home – group homes can feel like you live how others want you to live, and not how you want to live

– ILO are more focused on the important role informal supports can play in strengthening those relationships – versus a more set rostered support approach in a group home

– Many group homes are insisting clients have an SDA package to pay for the home – ILO can be an option for many people who will not qualify for an SDA