I fell a long way down and hit my head in 1989, aged 30 After the initial recovery stage, I had strong tremors making it difficult to do daily tasks. Other areas affected were my balance and difficulty sleeping. I am glad to be alive I love surfing and look forward to surfing again.



David was 17 years old in 1971, when he was involved in a car accident. David learnt how to walk, talk and eat again. David experiences difficulties with memory and some anxiety in social situations. David’s goal for the future is to stay alive. The message he has for others is “DON’T GIVE UP”. There is life at the end of the tunnel.


Scott was 18 years oldwhen he was involved in a car accident. Scott uses a wheel chair for mobility, has limited movement on his left side and experiences short term memory loss Life changed The Sun rises in the east each morning and sets in the west each night Scott is looking forward to fishing with his brother. Life is Life



I was in a car accident when I was 27yrs old. I have had to create what is a new norm, for me. The doctors gave no hope saying that I would be a vegetable. I never accepted the limitations the professionals tried to put on me. I would like to go to UNI and redo my degree in Actuary Science.