The Headway ABI

Headway ABI – About us
Headway ABI, established on the Gold Coast in 1986,is a not-for-profit organisation, a registered charity anda Registered National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider.Learn more

Our mission
At Headway ABI, our purpose is to assist participants to gain choice and control, and to empower them to achieve their goals. We provide support and opportunities to enhance the wellbeing, inclusion and lifestyle of an individualwith an Acquired Brain Injury. This mission is underpinned by four pillars:
Inclusivity: restoring self-sufficiency and reducing dependence on others.
Empowerment: achieving and maintaining optimum potential.
Respect:honouring the integrity and dignity of every individual.
Confidentiality: embracing discretion and confidentiality is vital to the support we give to every participant.

The Headway ABI story
Care with dignity. Support with respect. Progress with pride.
Headway ABIbegan when a group of people on the Gold Coast, each with a family member whoacquired a brain injury (ABI),recognizedthe need for specialized care and support for their loved ones. Incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 1981, the group launched as Headway Gold Coast Inc in July 1986, changing to Headway ABI Australia in October 2017.
Headway ABIprovides services from Coolangatta to South Brisbane. Our participants are referred to us from various sources, including Gold Coast and Brisbane hospitals, community and disability services, clinics, family, friends and self-referrals.
People with complex disabilities, caused byan ABI, require long-term physical and neurological rehabilitation to improvetheir capacity to return to the community and/or family. Headway ABI recognizeda lack of specialized services and support after discharge from hospital. We established the first transitional disability ABI accommodation on the Gold Coastas well astheWings Wellbeing Centre, which provides cognitiveand functional rehabilitation through exercise therapy.
To improve our services, resources andsupport for our participants, their families, carers, friends and the Gold Coast community, we regularly undertake fundraising activities.
Headway ABI’s Board of Directorsare responsible for overseeing ourstrategic direction and governance. This voluntary group is committed to serving the Headway ABI community through professional, dignified, relevant and sector-leading service. Theparticipants’ needs, goals and choices are the first priority when our Board makes decisions.

Your NDIS Registered Provider
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was created to support Australians living with a disability. Headway ABI is proud to be a fully certified NDIS Registered Provider.
For information about accessing Headway ABI’s services through the NDIS, go to the NDIS Myplace Portal. We realise that this may be difficult for some peopleso please contact us via email or on 07 5574 431 if you require assistance in navigating the NDIS, including:
• Any questions you may have about the NDIS
• Identifying your needs, goals and aspirations
• Completing your NDIS Planning Workbook
• Planning meetings with your Local Area Coordinator